Pep Guardiola Declared Greatest Premier League Coach Ahead Of Sir Alex Ferguson, Wenger

Pep Guardiola has been named the greatest Premier League coach by a former Arsenal player, Martin Keown, who placed him above the Manchester United legendary coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, and his former boss, Arsene Wenger.

Pep Guardiola, greatest Premier League coach

Guardiola’s managerial career could be described as the best ever seen in recent football history. He dominated the Spanish league with his unbeatable Barcelona team. At Barcelona, Guardiola made a name for himself and won every available trophy as he conquered the Spanish league and the entire Europe.

Similar things could be said of his time at Bayern Munich, a team he joined after quitting his role at Barcelona. He won every available trophy for the Bundesliga team except the UEFA Champions League.

He, however, restored his European glory at Manchester City and he did so in a more glorious style by leading the English team to a historical treble. As he did in Barcelona, he conquered English football and Europe for the Cityzens. Therefore, to Martin Keown, no one else deserves the number one spot as the greatest Premier League coach if not the Catalan.

“Since coming here in 2016, this is the man who has transformed English football. He has created the best team we have seen on these islands with his coaching and methods of play,” the former Arsenal player said according to Daily Mail.

“I recently commented on Match of the Day about Manchester City’s five trophies, all lined up, a show of dominance and force. If I were still competing against them, I might like to stumble and accidentally knock one over.

“But I do like what they have created. The way City’s players celebrated together with their manager after winning at Newcastle in their last game. A band of brothers, a team united. A symbol of their togetherness — and there he was. Pep, right in the middle of it. I liked that. It looked pure.

Speaking about his choice for the greatest Premier League coach among the notable managers in recent years. He said: “If I am picking my greatest manager, he has to be No 1. Then there are Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp.”

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