‘Man City Were Ungrateful’ – Cancelo Blasts City & Pep Guardiola

Joao Cancelo had an incredible career at Manchester City becoming one of the best defenders in his position while playing for the Sky Blues, Unfortunately, his later days at the club were full of controversies.

Joao Cancelo

The Portugal international left the Etihad on loan to Bayern Munich after allegedly having a misunderstanding with Pep Guardiola. His attitude towards the manager and his teammates, whenever he was not selected to play was described as the major cause of the conflict.

As a result of this, he was not given a second chance when he returned to the club after completing his loan agreement with the Bundesliga giants, instead, the City offloaded him to Barcelona on another season-long loan.

The defender has started regaining his confidence at Barcelona and has made his plan to remain at the Spanish club known to Manchester City. Also, Barcelona will have to keep him at the club permanently if a considerable transfer deal could be reached between the two clubs.

Amid the uncertainty about his future, Joao Cancelo did not hold back when asked about his alleged bad character at Manchester City. He debunked the claim that he had attitude problems whenever his teammates were selected ahead of him.

“Lies were told! I was never a bad companion for them and you can ask either Aké or Rico,” he said during an interview with Portuguese outlet A Bola.

“I think Manchester City were a bit ungrateful to me when they said that because I was a very important player in the years I was there. I never failed in my commitment to the club, to the fans, I always gave everything. I remember a time when I was jumped and attacked and the next day I was playing at the Emirates against Arsenal.

“These are things you don’t forget, I left my wife and daughter alone at home, terrified. People will only remember this because Mister Guardiola is much more powerful than me when he says something and I prefer to keep it to myself. I prefer to know that I am telling the truth, I feel fulfilled with what I did. I am a transparent person, I never lie. Life goes on and I wish it all goes well, because while I was there I enjoyed my football and the team.”

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