John Stones Reveals A Special Player At Man City, Predicts His Future

Manchester City defender John Stones described one of his teammates as a special talent who will do more great things for the club in the coming years. The Englishman further said he was short of words to describe how fantastic Phil Foden has become over the years.

John Stones and Phil Foden

John Stones and his international teammate Phi Foden had an incredible match against Bournemouth yesterday. While Foden scored the winning and only goal of the match, Stones smartly delivered what was expected of him, moving from defence to support Rodri at the heart of City midfield.

Meanwhile, to the England defender, the performance of Foden was beyond the goal, he stated that his teammate has become a joy to watch as he sometimes singlehandedly carried the whole team.

“He’s incredible. I don’t have more to say about him,” said John Stones when asked about Foden during the post-match conference.

According to him, without a doubt, Foden is enjoying one of the best moments of his career and apart from being a joy to watch, he’s also a fantastic player to play with.

“Everything just comes so easy to him. He’s a joy to watch, a joy to play with and I think about how he’s playing at the minute and I’m sure he’s enjoying himself.

“He’s obviously scoring winning goals and contributing to the team massively and he’s been incredible for us and I’m sure he will be for a long time.”

Foden is one of the best City players this campaign, he has scored 16 goals in all competitions and also provided 10 assists. In total, the Englishman has 26 G/A in 31 starts for the Cityzens.

John Stones, on the other hand, hasn’t played much this campaign as a result of injury. He, however, showed his class whenever he was fit enough to play.

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