Jim Ratcliffe Declares Man City & Liverpool As Their Enemies

New Manchester United minority owner Jim Ratcliffe declares Manchester City and Liverpool as teams to emulate in the Premier League even though they remain the enemies of the Red Devils.

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp

Jim Ratcliffe was recently confirmed as one of the owners of Man United after he bought a 27.7% stake in the club. The petrochemicals billionaire insisted that to return the past glory of the Red Devils, a lot needs to be learnt from Man City and Liverpool.

United have become a shadow of themselves for the past 10 years. A club that was once a team to beat in the League found it difficult to compete with Liverpool and the Cityzens. They last won the Premier League title in 2013 and found it difficult to secure regular UEFA Champions League qualification in recent years.

Last season’s Carabao Cup title was the first title to be won by the Red Devils in any competition in six years and they are currently in sixth position, 13 points behind Liverpool, the league leader, and 12 points behind Man City.

“We have a lot to learn from our noisy neighbour and the other neighbour,” Jim Ratcliffe said (as per the Daily Mail). ‘They have been in a good place for a while, and there are things we can learn from both of them.”

Ratcliffe, the owner of the INEOS group commended the management of their local rivals and the other long-time enemy, stating that they have put in place a suitable environment that made it possible for their team to compete at the highest level.

“They have sensible organisations, great people within the organisations, a good, driven, and elite environment that they work in. I am very respectful of them, but they are still the enemy.”

Man United have regained their form since the beginning of 2024, putting behind them the poor start to the season where they struggle to compete with their biggest competitors. They are still in battle to finish among the top four to participate in next season’s Champions League.

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