I Will Never Join Them – Ex-Liverpool Player Rejected Man City Transfer Request

Man City transfer business has brought big-name players to Etihad Stadium recently, but the Sky Blues failed to lure a former Liverpool defender Daniel Agger to the club despite their readiness to spend big on him.

Daniel Agger rejected Man City transfer request

Agger insisted that he would never join Manchester City, therefore, he had to reject offers from the club some years ago and made his stand clear enough to the Liverpool board who wanted him out of the club due to the profit meant for them with the deal.

The Danish defender spent eight years at Anfield, making a name for himself as one of the best center-back in the league. Due to his performances, he was sought after by many top clubs and offered to be part of Man City transfer strategy which already brought high-profile players to the Blue side of Manchester.

“It was a strange one,” he told Liverpool legend John Aldridge on the ‘Aldo Meets’ Podcast, according to MEN. He said the club wanted to sell him to Barcelona or Man City but he preferred moving to Barcelona to joining the English club.

“I don’t know the story from their side, I think they agreed a price (with Barcelona) and they accepted it and came to me and said, ‘this is it’. I said, ‘okay, fair enough’.

“But then from the side, another offer came in which was a lot higher, which they accepted and I didn’t want to go to that club.”

The former defender insisted that he rejected joining another Premier League club: “I said, ‘if you want to sell me I go down there (to Barcelona) otherwise I don’t go’.”

However, Liverpool wanted him to move to Man City because of the high transfer fee. He added: “And another offer came in from the same club (Man City), higher, and my feeling was that the club wanted me to go because it was a lot of money back then.”

But despite the Man City transfer request, he refused to join them. He declared: “I said, ‘there’s no chance I’m going to that club, so better just stop now'”.

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