FLASHBACK: Guardiola Reveals His Greatest Mistake At Barcelona

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola recounts his experience as a coach at FC Barcelona, claiming that he has stopped doing some of the things he did during his time with the Spanish giants.

Pep Guardiola at Barcelona

The Catalan had glorious four years at Barcelona. He won all the possible domestic and international trophies before he joined Bayern Munich where he continued his incredible records.

Years after, Guardiola explained that he had changed the way he sees football, describing some of his beliefs during those years as mistakes.

According to the Man City boss, he has improved over his career and can now do his work in less time to leave more opportunities to relax unlike before when he couldn’t do without thinking about football.

“When I started in Barcelona I was [obsessive] but now I can stay on the sofa watching TV and don’t think about football. That helps me because after I have more desire to reconnect,” he said.

“Before, I was thinking [about football] all the time because I thought I was missing something or not professional enough and I understand that was a mistake and it’s better to have the quality for what you want to do.

“Sometimes I rely on my people to help me see these kinds of things and make me feel more comfortable to arrive in a training session or front of the players completely fresh.”

Guardiola said he has learnt a lot and adjusted to the demand of the game compared to his previous years.

“Then you know exactly what you have to do. You know this is a key point as a manager – when you play every three days when you play one game a week it is not a problem but for many many years you have to know yourself better and adjust. In those terms, I learned. It is simple. It is the process.”

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