Ex-Man City Footballer, 22, Who Was Stabbed 32 Times Fighting To Play Again

In a development that could be described as almost impossible, an ex-Man City footballer who was left for dead after being stabbed by a complete stranger 32 times last year has revealed his plan to be a well-known footballer.

Ex-Man City footballer

Patrick Kubacak sustained life-threatening injuries after being stabbed in his head, face, scalp, neck, back, chest, torso, and buttocks by a total stranger identified as Michael Canning.

The incident happened in June 2023 and the 22-year-old, a semi-professional development player at the Etihad who was supported by Jack Grealish had to undergo nine hours of surgery to save his life as many of his organs were damaged during the attack.

Speaking after Canning who was responsible for his present condition was convicted of attempted murder and jailed for life, Kubacak revealed his intention to play again.

“From not having a heartbeat and being stabbed 32 times to becoming the best footballer I can be,” the heading of his TikTok post read as he shared pictures of him doing press-ups, knee exercises, and riding a Peloton exercise bike.

Kubacak had suffered both mental and physical loss as a result of the incident. He had to give up his job as a sales assistant which he took on to top up his football and modeling income.

Explaining how he was attacked at 5.10 pm on June 19 in Davyhulme, the ex-Man City footballer said: “When I looked up at him, I could see he wasn’t going to be satisfied unless I was dead.

“The force of the blows was very strong and eventually the blood started to flow from my mouth and I thought I was dying. I started praying and pretended to be dead.”

He added: “Since the incident, I’ve no longer been able to model as I could not cope with it especially if it was a topless shoot. I’ve been unable to play football as there are problems with my knees which I am paying to get better with private physio and I can’t even work as a sales assistant as mentally I cannot cope with being out there in public as I am scared of who might be behind me.

“As a result of all this I am on statutory sick pay with a newborn baby and this is not how I envisaged my life.”

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