De Bruyne Playing For Liverpool: Jamie Carragher Gives Honest Prediction

Jamie Carragher has predicted what would have happened if Kevin De Bruyne had chosen to play for Liverpool instead of Manchester City as he described the midfield maestro as the greatest foreign midfielder ever seen in the English top-flight league.

Kevin De Bruyne and Jurgen Klopp

De Bruyne is undoubtedly one of the best players in the League for the past five or six seasons. He has been putting on incredible performances every campaign since he joined the Cityzens from Wolfsburg.

The Belgian has led the Sky Blues to many league title victories, as well as the FA Cup and one UEFA Champions League won last season for the first time in the club’s history.

Over the years, many Manchester City opponents both within and outside English football have witnessed Kevin De Bruyne’s superb performances that gave their clubs no chance against the Cityzens.

Due to the Belgian legendary performances every campaign, Liverpool were denied the opportunity to win the league title on different occasions. Pep Guardiola’s side with the help of their talisman have won the league title ahead of Liverpool with the smallest margin.

Jamie Carragher believes the story would have been different if De Bruyne had chosen to play for Liverpool instead of the City. He claimed that he would have won the league for the Reds just like he did for Man City.

He’s been the best player in the Premier League for the last four, five years,” Carragher told Sky Sports. “He’s been the difference for Manchester City when you think of how often they’ve pipped Liverpool in terms of league titles. If you put him in a Liverpool shirt then I think they would win the league, that’s how dominant he is.

“Kevin De Bruyne is going to go down as an all-time great in the Premier League. When you think of the greatest foreign players to ever play in the Premier League, we always use the same names: [Eric] Cantona, [Gianfranco] Zola, [Dennis] Bergkamp. Those three are absolutely legendary figures in the Premier League and at their clubs. He’s better than all three of them.”

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