Best City Player? Ederson Gives De Bruyne New Unbelievable Name

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has named Kevin De Bruyne as the ‘King’ of the Pep Guardiola’s squad. The Brazilian explained that everyone at City was happy to see the Belgian back to fitness at this crucial time of the campaign.

Ederson and Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne over the past few years has registered his name as one of the best midfielders, not only in the Premier League but ever seen playing football. He has contributed to City’s success both domestically and internationally.

Therefore, two Ederson, there is no other name to qualify his contribution to the team than to call him a ‘king’. A man capable of deciding the outcome of a football match, particularly at the most difficult moment on the pitch.

Asked about De Bruyne’s return, the Brazilian said: “It’s just like chess – you have to protect the King! Now we have our ‘King’ back, one of the best at assists in Premier League history, third in the list now.”

De Bruyne was out with a hamstring injury for the first part of the season and only returned to the pitch against Huddersfield Town in the Emirate FA Cup a few weeks ago.

However, despite being absent for over four months, his impact was felt on his return, scoring and getting an assist in a Premier League match against Newcastle United. And brilliant set up Julian Alvarez for the second goal against Burley last Wednesday.

“We’re so happy to have him back and playing good football, especially after such a long time out. He’s a player that our team has missed a lot because he has such ability – he finds passes that very few players can find,” Ederson said.

“He gets assists, scores goals plays good football, he keeps the ball, so I’m very happy that he’s back and that he has returned to his high level. I hope that he can help us a lot for the rest of the season, not only him but the whole group.”

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